Newsletter | August 2014


Welcome to the Monthly issue of Nationwide Office Care newsletter.

           We've been having a string of great weather as summer is coming to a close. The fair is coming, school is starting, and Nationwide Office Care keeps on rolling. So far this year, we have added 54 new ongoing cleaning accounts. The sales department is making the production department pull out there hair in trying to keep up, but what a great problem to have. Luckily for us, we have some of the best, hardest working employees in the industry, so it's all in a days work for them. We are very thankful for everyone's hard work in helping Nationwide continue to grow!

Nationwide Office Care is now offering distributorship opportunities for those who qualify. This is a unique opportunity to run your own business and allow us to teach you the Nationwide way of cleaning. Please call or email for more information.

Employee of the Month

The employee of the month for the month of August is Emilio Martinez.

The employee of the month for the month of August is Emilio Martinez. Emilio has been working with Nationwide for the passed 5 years, starting with us back in 2009. Emilio began as a cleaner but has now taken over the Nationwide warehouse. He now handles the maintenance of all of our equipment, he brings supplies to supervisors, cleans supplies, handles the installation of dispensers, cares for the vans, and handles the cleaning of our main office. When he has free time, Emilio likes to spend time with his wife, Sylvia, and his son. Emilio has been essential in the day to day operations in keeping Nationwide running and we are very thankful for him. Congratulations Emilio!

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Did you know?

It's inevitable that your washing machine will develop a bit of a funky smell in the summer months, especially in areas with high humidity. You can combat mold and mildew by running an empty load with detergent and hot water. When the cycle is over, leave the door open to provide proper circulation and to dry it out.

Have you started your summer cleaning yet?

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