Newsletter | October 2014


Welcome to the Monthly issue of Nationwide Office Care newsletter.

Fall is officially here and that warm weather is fading fast. It's the perfect time of year to get your windows cleaned before the temperature drops below freezing! Our window cleaning schedule has been filling up fast, so call to get yours scheduled today!
With another month in the books, Nationwide has picked up another 16 cleaning accounts. We are in the midst of our best year yet, and our sales team has put the car in overdrive. They keep on cruising with no signs of looking back. Speaking of looking back, as Halloween fast approaches it's important to remember to drive slowly and stay alert as the children are out trick-or-treating.

Nationwide Office Care is now offering distributorship opportunities for those who qualify. This is a unique opportunity to run your own business and allow us to teach you the Nationwide way of cleaning. Please call or email for more information.

Employee of the Month

The employee of the month for the month of October is Elizabeth Garcia.

The employee of the month for the month of October is Elizabeth Garcia. Elizabeth started with Nationwide in 2004 in our apartment cleaning division. She has since moved on to our house cleaning sector. She is currently cleaning 16 houses a month! Elizabeth has received numerous compliments about her work and has always been someone that we here at Nationwide can rely on. She takes pride in her work, and we couldn't ask for a more model employee. When she's not working, Elizabeth is spending time with her husband and two wonderful children. Congratulations Elizabeth!

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Did you know?

As the seasons change, your furnace is likely to start building up a lot of those pesky dust mites, pollen, and other build up that affects the air you breathe. It's recommended you change your filters once every 1-4 months, but is especially important during the changing seasons.

Have you started your fall cleaning yet?

Don't wait until its cold and snowing to start looking into your options for cleaning services. Call today or click here for a free estimate.