Newsletter | February 2015


Welcome to the Monthly issue of Nationwide Office Care newsletter.

Punxatony was back at it again this year, and we've got six more weeks of winter coming. After some of those storms, I think we're all ready for that warm weather to officially spring in. It seems like every time we get a hint of warm weather, it's followed by a foot of snow. We are, however,  nearing the home stretch and Spring is on the horizon. 

While cupid begins stocking up on arrows, it's business as usual at Nationwide Office Care. It's going to take a lot more than a foot of snow to slow us down. Our sales team started the year off right by opening January with 13 new ongoing cleaning accounts. January officially marked the highest amount of sales in the company's history. Our sales team continues running full speed ahead with no signs of slowing down. Great job everyone, and keep up the good work!

Nationwide Office Care is now offering distributorship opportunities for those who qualify. This is a unique opportunity to run your own business and allow us to teach you the Nationwide way of cleaning. Please call or email for more information.

Employee of the Month

The employee of the month for the month of February is Pablo.

The employee of the month for the month of February is Pablo. Pablo has been with Nationwide for a few years now. He is one of our very integral pieces at the Wells Fargo Arena. Pablo is married and has 5 children. When Pablo isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his family and going shopping together. Congratulations Pablo. 

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Did you know?

Iowa's winter weather can cause wear and tear on your snow blowers. Remember to wash them thoroughly if you haven't since the last year. Always remember to keep up on oil changes as well. Checking the air filter and the spark plugs are also vital in keeping your snow blower running smoothly. 

Have you started your winter cleaning yet?

The cold and snow are starting to show, don't waste time in looking into your options for cleaning services. Call today or click here for a free estimate.