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COVID Disinfecting Services

The state of Iowa reports nearly 1 million Iowans have been infected with COVID-19 since the onset of the pandemic. With offices across the state prioritizing providing a safe work environment, Nationwide Office Care has made it our mission to eliminate the germs that continue to plague the workplace. As part of our routine commercial cleaning services customized to each of our clients’ needs, we scrub, polish and buff millions of square feet each day. However, a known COVID outbreak in the office requires special attention to restore peace of mind and ensure proper safety for employees. That’s why Nationwide is staffed 24/7 to deliver emergency COVID disinfecting services for enhanced protection when you need us. We are a prominent, well-respected commercial cleaning company with highly trained staff on call in Des Moines and all of the largest metros in Iowa.

You can count on Nationwide’s reputation as a responsive, experienced office sanitizing service to help employees feel confident coming back to the office. Call (515) 276-3100 to request COVID-19 cleaning services right away, or contact our team online to learn more about our extensive commercial cleaning capabilities in Iowa.

COVID Disinfection for Schools, Offices & More

Nationwide’s COVID disinfecting services are designed for the fastest, most consistent coverage of infected surface areas around the office. Using advanced electrostatic spray guns to “charge” disinfectant particles, the spray solution is magnetically drawn to surface areas. This ensures the disinfectant coats the entire surface area for 3x more coverage than a traditional disinfectant wipe or spray is capable of. Killing COVID germs in just 30 seconds, our cutting edge technique is especially effective for COVID disinfection for schools and offices that need a quick turnaround to clean the various nooks and crannies frequented by students or employees.

Before we begin, our cleaners consult with you to determine which spaces need to be cleaned. Whether you know of an infected employee and prefer to localize the disinfectant to their office or desk or if you’d like to include all high traffic areas for added caution, we can customize our approach to you. Wherever we spray, you can rest assured knowing we are using an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved disinfectant designated as safe for humans, office materials and the environment. The best part is our spray solution is both reactive and proactive—it efficiently kills existing germs and maintains its potency for seven days to keep combating the spread of COVID particles. 

When COVID strikes, our spray solution can save the day as a convenient approach to COVID disinfection for offices and schools alike. Our safety and cleanliness standards are second to none, highly regarded in the industry for going the extra mile to ensure our clients’ wellbeing at work.

Our Safety-First Approach to Office Sanitizing Services

With nearly 100 years of collective experience across our multi-generational family business, Nationwide knows how to safely work with chemicals and equipment to get the job done. We specialize in sterilizing medical facilities and have numerous team members trained to utilize hospital-grade cleaning solutions. Our COVID disinfecting services carry over the same rigorous training and precision. We stop contamination in its tracks using chemicals that are non hazardous to humans. 

Safety is top of mind for us as we work in a wide variety of industries and environments, each of which has its own specifications and standards we strictly adhere to. Our cleaners have comprehensive knowledge of the types of environments they’re exposed to with advanced training completed before they ever step foot on-site. Trust Nationwide to quickly control office outbreaks with our 24/7 emergency COVID-19 cleaning services.

Have an Emergency? Call Us for COVID-19 Cleaning Services Today!

Whether you’re seeking COVID-19 disinfection for schools, offices or another commercial property, our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to take action today. Utilizing Nationwide’s timely COVID disinfecting services reassures your team that it’s safe to return to the office. Call (515) 276-3100 today for office sanitizing services at your convenience, or request a free estimate to learn more about Nationwide’s full-scale cleaning capabilities.