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Warehouse Cleaning Services in Iowa

Although warehouses typically aren’t public-facing, they are exposed to more dirt, grime and dust than the average workplace. When stock remains stationary on shelves for prolonged periods of time, dust is bound to build up. Not to mention, loading docks practically invite dirt into the premises through repeated traffic from heavy-duty vehicles. If dirt and dust are left to accumulate over time, warehouse workers and critical equipment are at risk of potential hazards that can arise when a working environment isn’t properly cared for. Warehouses can also easily fall prey to unwanted vermin and pests scouting the goods.

With extensive experience catering our industrial cleaning services to warehouses in Iowa, Nationwide Office Care can help reduce risks and provide a high quality, productive working environment for employees and equipment alike. We have nearly 100 years of collective industry experience providing warehouse cleaning services to facilities of all sizes, frequently exceeding 100,000 square feet. As a multi-generational family business with a large presence across Iowa, we have a team of reputable cleaners ready to reach even the toughest spots in your spacious warehouse. We are available 24/7 to accommodate your industrial facility cleaning requests—call (515) 276-3100 or request an estimate online to get started customizing a cleaning solution that works for you.

Our Industrial Cleaning Services for Warehouses

Nationwide takes pride in being a one-stop-shop commercial and industrial cleaning company for numerous industries in Iowa. Our team members are thoroughly trained to work in a variety of environments, including warehouses, where we take special care not to disturb operations. We’ll walk through the facility with you to determine your preferences and specifications for cleaning frequency and services needed.

From floor to ceiling, we’ll customize a comprehensive warehouse cleaning service plan to address your general cleaning needs. Along with our routine dusting, mopping, vacuuming and more, we provide full-scale industrial facility cleaning solutions, including warehouse floor cleaning services and industrial window cleaning services. We seamlessly integrate into your team and perform our duties with the utmost professionalism, precision and respect for your facility. 

General Warehouse Cleaning Services

As a leader in industrial cleaning services in Iowa, we’re well-equipped to adapt our services to meet the needs of your desired inventory storage conditions, including the strict requirements enforced for food products. We understand the warehouse environment has high standards, and we abide by some of the highest cleanliness standards in the industry. From high-traffic areas like loading docks, break rooms or restrooms to shelves, fans and rafters high and low, we don’t miss a beat to keep contaminants away. We routinely disinfect employee common areas and restrooms, mop and vacuum dirty floors and dust surface areas, no matter how difficult they are to reach. 

Cleaning 100,000+ square feet daily for your facility, the Nationwide team doesn’t stray from our routine industrial facility cleaning duties. All of our cleaners are held accountable through our three-tier inspection process, including weekly quality inspections ensuring all expected maintenance duties are performed with our promised attention to detail. To reduce the burden on our clients, we also provide toiletry supply management so you can focus solely on the revenue-generating stock you already manage daily. This includes regular restocks of items like toilet paper and hand soap so employees have what they need each workday without disrupting their workflow.

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Industrial Window Cleaning Services

As part of our exhaustive cleaning coverage for warehouses, we offer interior and exterior industrial window cleaning services to ensure a glistening facade for your facility. With so much traffic and handling of goods occurring during the day, warehouse windows attract a lot of dust that spreads through the air. To enhance the indoor working environment as well as the outdoor aesthetic of your building, our lift-certified window cleaners have proven success with spotless windows. 

For warehouses the equivalent of three stories or less, we rely on reverse osmosis for chemical-free, residue-free window cleaning. This is a safe, effective solution to remove smears by spraying a purified water stream. For taller buildings, our professionals have all of the credentials and training to use lifts and access high-up windows. As a member of the International Window Cleaning Association, we’re regularly trained and educated on safety standards, enabling us to perfect our technique. Our team has safely gone up to 30 stories to deliver squeaky clean windows, so you know your warehouse is in capable hands with Nationwide.

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Warehouse Floor Cleaning Services

A reliably clean floor is critical to sustain the day-to-day operations of your industrial facility. Slick spots are not conducive to operating heavy machinery or safely transporting goods to and from your facility. Nationwide covers the bases through routine mopping and vacuuming during our regular warehouse cleaning services, but we recommend utilizing warehouse floor cleaning services for a deep clean periodically. We provide buffing and utilize powerful auto scrubbers to smooth out warehouse floors and ensure a safe working surface. 

Our cleaners have vast experience and versatility with a wide variety of floor types, including concrete, which is the most common floor type found in warehouses. We’ve seen it all and are available to help your floors continue to safely endure traffic while minimizing the damage of repeated wear and tear.

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A Trusted Provider for Industrial Facility Cleaning Services in Des Moines, Iowa & Beyond

Nationwide recognizes a great deal of trust is required to invite an outside cleaning team into the space where you perform critical operations every day. For worry-free warehouse cleaning services across Iowa, Nationwide is known as a reputable, respectable provider. See for yourself why Iowa warehouses depend on our expertise for industrial cleaning services:

“Nationwide has been a terrific company to work with. Their response to special requests and attention to detail are one of the many traits I enjoy from them. The management is very pleasant and always available to get the job done the way I want it done. Their workers are diligent, punctual and efficient. They blend into my team seamlessly. I cannot say enough positive things about their service and in the 4 years I have been working with Nationwide, I have had few if any complaints.”-Steve Beenken, Facilities Manager at KATECHO

Our team is eager to please with our perfected industrial facility cleaning solutions—put us to work today!

Nationwide is the Premier Industrial Cleaning Services Company for Warehouses Across Iowa

Let our local family business address all of your industrial and commercial cleaning needs in Iowa, just like we’ve been doing for decades. Nationwide isn’t scared of any challenge, and we’re ready to bring routine warehouse cleaning services to your 100,000+ square foot property. We don’t waver in a job well done and assure quality day in and day out for your facility. Call Nationwide at (515) 276-3100 or request a free estimate online to get started today.