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Multi-Tenant Building & Premier Office Cleaning Services in Iowa

At our core, Nationwide Office Care is an office cleaning company. Founded in Iowa three generations ago, our family business has grown to provide comprehensive commercial cleaning services to a wide variety of industries, but premier office spaces are still our bread and butter. In fact, we perform commercial office cleaning services for nearly 6 million square feet of office spaces every single day across Iowa. Ranging from small businesses to multi-story, multi-tenant office buildings, we do it all. Our prominence in Class A office spaces throughout the state is a testament to our above-and-beyond approach that ensures a fresh feel for the nine-to-five. 

Consistency, quality and cleanliness are three of our guarantees as we work to enhance your work environment through routine office cleaning services in Iowa. To further improve employee or tenant morale and ensure a top-to-bottom, inside-out shine in your office space, we also offer office window cleaning, inventory management and office floor cleaning services. To customize Nationwide’s one-stop-shop professional office cleaning services for your property, call us 24/7 at (515) 276-3100 or get a free estimate online.

Our Commercial Office Cleaning Services

As your local office cleaning company in Iowa, the big benefit of partnering with Nationwide for professional office cleaning services is our continuity. Nationwide’s employee retention rate is incredibly high in the cleaning industry—which is susceptible to a lot of turnover—and this translates to trustworthiness. The people we place in your office are highly experienced, highly committed and held to some of the highest cleanliness standards in the industry. These standards are enforced by our exhaustive three-level inspection process for quality control every month, holding our cleaners accountable and ensuring no grime goes unnoticed. 

In addition to the dependable cleaners who will work daily or at your desired frequency, you’ll work with one primary point of contact at Nationwide to stay easily connected when you need us. We’ll start with a walk-through of your property to determine which spaces need to be cleaned and at what frequency before drawing up a custom contract unique to your needs. Our commercial office cleaning services include general office cleaning but can be customized to include office window cleaning and floor cleaning services as needed. We have the flexibility and expertise to work within a wide variety of office sizes and cater to any number of personalized requests to best deliver a professional polish to your office space.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Nationwide Office Care knows cleanliness is a key factor in creating a working environment conducive to employee productivity or tenant satisfaction with the workspace. As part of our routine office cleaning services in Iowa, we leave no stone unturned by dusting, disinfecting and scrubbing high-traffic areas daily, including office areas, break rooms, restrooms and entryways. We wipe down surface areas, mop sticky floors and scour bathroom facilities to return your office space to prime condition each day. Our quality control inspectors keep cleaners accountable through weekly check-ins (far above the industry standard), so we don’t miss a thing. 

As an added benefit, our commercial cleaning clients may opt in to our exclusive inventory management services and receive regular restocks of key office supplies like toilet paper and hand soap. As a one-stop-shop office cleaning company in Iowa, our goal is to make it easier on you to manage your business or keep tenants satisfied with everything they need to succeed.

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Office Window Cleaning Services

Our lift-certified window cleaners are ready to take your office window cleaning needs to new heights. As members of the International Window Cleaning Association, we are highly trained and experienced in high-rise window cleaning as well as single-story window cleaning. In fact, our team has traveled up to 30 stories high to eliminate blemishes and restore class to your glass (but we can tackle any challenge you give us!). Following a strict safety inspection performed by our team, we’re able to safely use lifts and establish anchor points to reach the highest heights and truly deliver on our promise of a top-to-bottom shine. 

For office buildings less than four stories tall, we use reverse osmosis as a chemical-free, residue-free cleaning alternative that effectively wipes away smears. Office window cleaning services don’t come more committed than Nationwide’s experienced cleaners dedicated to reaching every square inch of your office space.

Office Floor Cleaning Services

Nationwide’s office floor cleaning services are able to accommodate numerous floor types, including vinyl, linoleum, marmoleum, marble, granite, natural stone and ceramic tiles, to name a few. We also provide commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for a deep clean of tricky carpet or furniture fibers that store dirt and allergens, lessening the overall air quality and cleanliness of your office over time. From buffing, stripping and waxing to carpet cleaning, we only use environmentally friendly, non-toxic shampoos and chemicals across the board. Dry time is typically no more than a couple of hours, so your office doesn’t have to endure soggy carpets or slippery floors when you arrive for regular business hours. 

We’ve thought of everything to ensure our office floor cleaning services provide the spotless, sparkling floor you know you can expect from the attentive experts at Nationwide. With Nationwide at your service, you’ll make the most of your office carpet and flooring with increased life spans enabled through regular cleaning and care.

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Trust Nationwide as Your Reputable Office Cleaning Company in Iowa & Across the Midwest

For unparalleled precision and attention to detail in your office space, Nationwide is the best office cleaning company in Iowa to deliver top-to-bottom commercial office cleaning services you can count on. From general office cleaning to office window cleaning and floor cleaning services, we can cover everything that matters to you and everyone you share the office with for a comprehensive clean every time. To get in touch with a Nationwide representative, call (515) 276-3100 or request a free estimate online.